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Pearl Harbor History

the Attack

The Attack

The Japanese dreamed of an Empire in Asia and began their quest in early 1931. They overran Manchuria and established it as a state, which they named Manchukuo. Moving into China, the Japanese were initially successful, but ultimately encountered the resistance of the Chinese, under the government Chiang Kai-shek. A crisis arose in 1937, when Japan launched a major offensive in an effort to reduce China into submission... Read More

the Attack



the Attack


After the Attack

A crippled Japanese plane landed that afternoon on the isolated island of Niihau. The plane was disarmed by a native Hawaiian. A message was sent to the island of Kauai asking for help. The Japanese pilot convinced one Japanese descendant on the island to set him free and return his weapons, after which a rampage ensued. Meanwhile, a Hawaiian, Benhakaka Kanahele, and his wife were captured by the two Japanese... Read More

After The Attack



the Attack

Who Was Involved?

General Hideki Tojo served as Japanís Chief of Staff of the Army and Minister of War. With so much power, Tojo was often thought of as a dictator. He assumed an additional position of Prime Minister in October 1941, just before the attack on Pearl Harbor and the Pacific Fleet. Tojo had an extensive military career and believed in an aggressive foreign policy. He strongly opposed any plans to take Japanese troops out of Korea or China. He did however, initially support negotiations with the U.S. but when he realized it was impossible, ordered the attack on Pearl Harbor...
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Who Was Invoved



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