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Who was Lieutenant Commander Itaru Tachibana?

A brothel keeper in Los Angeles. He was identified as a spy for Japan through United States counter-intelligence operations. Instead of standing trial, he was invited to leave as a diplomatic concession to Japanese-American relations, an action that would be regretted later. One of Captain Kanji Ogawa’s principle assistants, Tachibana played a leading role in assembling detailed intelligence that made the attack on Pearl Harbor possible.

Who was Lieutenant Commander Itaru Tachibana?


Pearl Harbor Oahu is proud to feature a number of exciting historic tours to the site of the United States entrance into World War II. Pearl Harbor tours are designed for your convenience and to fit your schedule. All of our tours take you to Pearl Harbor's Visitor Center and the USS Arizona Memorial for a time of reflection and remembrance.

The tragic attacks of December 7, 1941 shook the island of Oahu, and the United States, forever. The lives lost, and that tragic day are things that we want to remember and honor.

Image of Bob Lee, Pearl Harbor attack witness.